Announcing the GAANN Fellowship for incoming graduate students

Announcing a new fellowship for incoming graduate students in South and Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, beginning Fall 2013


The Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies is a 2012 recipient of a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program award. This five-year, interdisciplinary fellowship program will support students in supervised preparation for research careers in academic and non-academic environments, and in increasing skills in pedagogy and teaching practices.

Funded by the Department of Education and the UC Berkeley Graduate Division, this fellowship program increases support for graduate research in South and Southeast Asian studies. Four fellowships are available in 2013. US CITIZENS AND PERMANENT RESIDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE.

The program is designed to support new graduate students with an interest in the interdisciplinary investigation of South and Southeast Asia, while increasing access to advanced education for financially disadvantaged and historically underrepresented students, which includes women and minority students. It provides five years of fee and stipend support.

The Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, provides an unrivalled opportunity for advanced study in the languages and cultures of this diverse area of Asia, balancing ancient and modern history, language, and socio-cultural disciplines.

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Contact: PROFESSOR Penny Edwards, CHAIR, South and Southeast Asian Studies, pennyedwards [at] berkeley [dot] edu; Jenny Smith, STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICER, South and Southeast Asian Studies, jeno_ [at] berkeley [dot] edu; or Josephine Moreno, Arts & Humanities Graduate Diversity Director, morenojm [at] berkeley [dot] edu for more information.